with elk

Nukka the dog met some great thinkers. Sotkamo / Oct2013
(Havukka-ahon ajattelija -statue to honour novellist Veikko Huovinen, 1989, by Nina Terno)

1000 silent people and a dog

Nukka the dog hung out with the Silent People. Suomussalmi / Oct2013
(The Silent People, 1988, by Reijo Kela. East coordinate 35 89 671, North coordinate 72 23 266)


The Ark

Nukka the dog is getting ready for apocalypse. Kitee / Jan 2014



Nukka the dog spent a day with her soulmate. Kitee / Jan 2014


best in world

Nukka the dog took glory with Prize Ribbons won by other dogs. Kitee / Jan 2014