winter day full of hope

Nukka the dog hung out next to the railway. Helsinki, Tokoinranta / March2013



Nukka the dog sat on a piece of art called "Mummin matka" by Tiina Palmu.
Galleria Huuto, Helsinki March/2013


passenger back seat

Nukka the dog visited J&L's living room. Herttoniemi, Helsinki. March/2013

spring happiness

Nukka the dog visited beautiful village of Fiskars and it's snow banks shining white in spring sunshine. She spent some time at Siwa grocery store backyard. We bought yeast and Easter eggs. Parking was not allowed here.


need for icebreaker

Nukka the dog and her friends are waiting for sailing season to start already. Kruununhaka, Helsinki / Feb 2013


Nukka the dog came into view with halo. Merihaka / Feb2013


soviet architecture in Helsinki

Nukka the dog sat down on ice in front of the great apartment building block Merihaka. Helsinki / March2013