visiting mrs president

Nukka stalked for a while at Finland's former president Tarja Halonen's (2000-2012) yard.

The president was not seen. Even her cats didn't come out to play.
(Later Nukka got the news that president's cats are both deceased. May they rest in peace.)


may god bless the hungry

Nukka accidentally chose a wrong day to wait at food line for the poor. Kallio / Sep2012

learned this trick from hobos.

Nukka sat down next to ventilation exit. Espoo / Jul2012

imposing as an art expert

Nukka checked out a street art exhibition on Hensinginkatu. Helsinki / Sep2012

tomb stone fashion

Nukka visited a stone engravers. Oittaa, Espoo / Sep2012


guardian dog

Nukka is watching you from the shadows. Kallio, Helsinki / Sep2012


rendezvous with scenery

Nukka took over a famous riverview. Kuninkaan laavu, Rovaniemi. Sep / 2012